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Looking after interim professionals on both UK and foreign assignments...

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Candour uses a number of Interim and temporary consultants in our consultancy work with a number of FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 firms.

This is how our accountancy practice formed from the need to look after these interim professionals on both UK and foreign assignments.

We can assist you with the following:

  • Ensuring you are set-up in the most tax efficient structure for the country you are operating in.
  • That you have access to the latest applications and software to make sure you minimise the time you need to spend on your back office administration.
  • Monitoring your VAT position and advising on when to switch from cash based VAT to invoice based to maximise your return.
  • Assist in billing and SOW and contractual documentation ensuring you are protected during your engagements.
  • Windup and liquidation advise should you wish to stop contracting.

This is done through regular client contact; you will be assigned an accountant when you join the firm. This accountant will be available on the phone and for site visits. This accountant will have full access to all of Candour Accounts tax planning experts and subject matter expert consultants and will be able to advise you on industry standard costing areas of third party spend that maybe out of kilter with the market. In addition to this Candour also operates a Co-Procurement operation through our consultancy arm that allows our clients to leverage spend to ensure best prices are achieved and you are able to compete on buying with larger firms.

You will also be provided with timely and meaningful accounts that will contain commentary and value add advice highlight any areas of interest we have been whilst completing the preparation of your financial documents. Your accountant will always be available to talk you through the accounts and advise as necessary on any opportunities or concerns you may have.

In addition Candour also partners with a number of insurance and IT providers so are perfectly positioned to advise on computer systems and insurance policies to make sure you have resilience and that systems and policies are fit for purpose should the worst happen.

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